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Tips On How To Maintain Your Car’s Value And Safety Features

Certain federal agencies have decided to offer car owners some tips on how to care for vehicles and maintain their engines to ensure cars will last a long time and keep occupants safe for longer still.

According to a recent report issued by the Automotive Industries Association, one of the most important things car owners must remember is that tire pressure should be measured once a month. Popular belief may indicate that tire pressure should only be checked while the vehicle is undergoing an oil change, however, tires that are properly inflated regularly will last much longer. Car owners must also keep in mind that monitoring tire pressure during seasonal changes is imperative to your safety, since every 5-degree change can also change the tire pressure.

By following the recommendations associated with tire pressure that is listed on the tire itself could be a problem, some experts suggest. According to the reports, car owners should refer to the tire pressure label found on their vehicle’s driver’s door.

Car owners are also urged to never forget they must follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual guidelines when it comes to performing maintenance checks and repairs. By following the recommended schedule, the car owner will be maintaining the car’s value and keeping the vehicle dependable.

Have all minor scratches, dents and other panel damages repaired immediately to avoid rust to form. By staying aware of these minor aesthetic complications, you will be able to also enhance your vehicle’s value by the time you’re ready to sell it.

Another important factor federal agents are constantly trying to make sure drivers are aware of is the fact that safety seat belts should always be checked for performance and should never be ignored. Seat belts reduce the risk of serious and even fatal wounds by 45 percent. Car owners are encouraged to never allow passengers to ride in cars without having their seat belt fastened.

In recent studies, it was discovered that drivers and passengers who had their seat belts on saw the risk of moderate—to-critical injuries dropping by 50 percent.

To prevent fatalities, keep your loved ones safe and keep yourself safe, have your seat belt on at all times and observe the tips of experts who are aware of the dangers car owners and drivers in general face everyday. By following simple maintenance schedules and keeping your vehicle up to date with its repair schedule, you will ensure your passengers’ well-being.

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