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Toyota To Pay $29 Million To North Carolina & Other States

Multiple news agencies have reported that Toyota has been ordered to pay $29 million to 30 states. This settlement concerns recent consumer protection claims that were filed against Toyota over issues associated with unintended acceleration.

The company agreed to pay $29 million in order to settle the claims. The automaker and its North American entities have also agreed on providing additional incentives in order ensure potentially defective vehicles will not affect consumers in the future. The company will also invest in ensuring drivers comply with recall announcements promptly to avoid potential accidents.

Multiple sates participated in the investigation into the Toyota vehicles that accelerated suddenly and that were involved in auto accidents in North Carolina. According to the attorneys, the company failed to disclose details regarding the risks associated with the accelerator pedals in these vehicles in a timely fashion, putting the lives of several consumers at risk.

It’s important that consumers are aware of the risks associated with potentially defective vehicles. If you were warned of a recall alert linked to your vehicle, act promptly and have your vehicle fixed in order to avoid accidents.

To learn more about this settlement and the accidents linked to these Toyota vehicles, follow this link.

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