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Toyota Updates Camry Sedan, Some Seem Surprised

Multiple news agencies have indicated that, in spite of what most automakers tend to do, Toyota decided to update its Camry model in its second generation.

Auto experts urge drivers to usually avoid purchasing vehicles of new generation due to potential concerns associated with reliability issues, however, the new Camry has been updated in its second year to address some of the concerns linked to this vehicle’s main features. Reports show that like Honda and its 2013 Civic, Toyota decided to upgrade a series of details in order to make this model a more reasonable option to new consumers.

The interior design of the vehicle has also been updated. According to the company, the new model has replaced its hard plastics with a soft-touch material and its armrests match the interior colors and are no longer black.

Most of the upgrades concerned the cabin materials in this vehicle, which were notably Camry’s main weaknesses, according to experts.  As an attorney, I’m glad to learn the automaker has worked hard to address one of its most popular vehicle’s weaknesses in order to ensure consumers are not disappointed when purchasing this model.

For more details on this new model and its upgrades, you may follow this link to read the full review and more information on this model’s price.

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