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Urbee 2 Is The First 3-D Printed Vehicle

Multiple news agencies have been reporting that the future of the automobile industry could be changing forever, especially if the Urbee 2 project gains momentum.

According to the news, a dedicated engineer of trucks, tractors and even swimming pools decided to use the convenience and freedom of 3-D printing to create layer by layer of material until full parts of a real car have been entirely manufactured and assembled.

The technology enables the automaker to produce a material that is lighter and easier to use than sheet metal but that can be as strong as the material used in the production of the Toyota Prius model.

News agencies have been covering the manufacturing of the new Urbee 2, which is a three-wheel vehicle that seats two people.

According to the reports, engineers and designers behind this project are excited about how feasible it could be to create vehicles with the help of 3-D printing, mainly because of ease in which the device may manufacture full parts as one combined piece instead of multiple fragments of components that must be carefully assembled by human hands or complicated machinery.

Many in the industry are concerned about how reliable the vehicle is, however, some believe that because the vehicle is more like a motorcycle than a passenger car, it may be soon available at the consumer level.

To learn more about this new vehicle and the technology that makes it possible, follow this link.

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