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Virtual Prototypes Help Automakers To Develop New Technology

According to multiple news agencies, a start-up has come up with a new concept in order to help automakers to develop and create new electric vehicle designs.

The reports indicate that the company uses virtual prototypes in order to help the manufacturers with the process of designing the vehicles.

This technology could help the industry by ensuring that safety systems are properly envisioned with the help of the virtual prototypes, which could also help companies by ensuring they are not spending as much money to have the prototypes tested and perfected since most of the process will be performed virtually.

According to a series of news agencies, the system helps the manufacturers by modeling the vehicle or the concept and using simulations to provide insight into how the vehicle would look and work. The virtual prototypes could help companies to advance their technology with ease.

By reducing the development efforts, companies save money. The practicality linked to the virtual prototypes can also push for more designs and ideas to be tested at the same time, pushing for more innovation and technology.

Several countries are already using the virtual system. Car manufacturers are developing a wide variety of new and innovative e-mobility designs that push the development of more efficient hybrid and electric vehicles.

Toyota’s main engineers in Japan have been using the Modelon’s simulation libraries. Moelon GmbH is the star-up that was founded by a German that hopes to help automakers to develop better and more efficient vehicles with the help of virtual prototypes. Toyota’s new i-Real was developed with the help of the virtual prototype technology. The concept was developed to offer a novel e-mobility vehicle concept to ease city transportation and ensure that commuting becomes shorter.

The i-Real concept is an electric armchair controlled by two joysticks. The concept was created with the help of Modelon’s vehicle Dynamic libraries.

Volvo, the Swedish automaker, is also using Modelon to work on some of its own projects. Volvo’s engineers use the virtual technology to improve existing car safety systems. While real-life testing could be extremely time-consuming and expensive, the company uses the virtual technology to represent vehicle behavior and obtain more info on the consequences of related to hoe the vehicle behaves with the technology being tested.

Developers of the virtual simulation system claim that their only aim is to help automakers to save money while developing better vehicles and technology. Industries and sectors other than the auto industry also use the virtual prototype system, reports indicate. Hopefully, more companies will utilize this company’s brilliant technology to develop more reliable products. For the full article, click here.

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