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What Are The Most Unpopular Vehicles Of All Time?

Multiple news agencies have reported that some vehicles may find good in theory but fail to appeal to the public. As the Ford Focus makes headlines for being the world’s most successful vehicle, experts wondered what were the worst-selling vehicles of history.

Some of the vehicles in the list included the Cadillac Catera, which sold a little over 9,000 units. This model was created to appeal to a younger audience, which turned out to be a failed effort. The Pontiac Aztek was also listed under the worst-selling car list. This company sold about 5,000 units of this vehicle. Experts believe this vehicle failed because the “outdoorsy” public did not like the way it looked.

Other vehicles that made this list included the Yugo GV, the Ford Edsel, and the Studebaker Wagenaire, which was a model that was around from 1963 through 1966.

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