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What You Should Consider Keeping In A Glove Box

Car owners know that the glove box can be a treasure chest and in some cases, it can hold everything from documents and crucial papers to extra fuses.
Due to its accessibility and strategical positioning, the glove box can at times become a chaotic environment but it could also hold the item that may save you a headache in the future.

Safety experts and auto specialists call for more dedication when it comes to filling your glove box with extra items and because of that, a group of auto experts decided to come up with a useful list of items that could eventually come in handy in a series of situations.

The most important thing your glove box must hold is your car’s license and registration. Keeping important documents in the glove box is essential to any car owner. By placing all important papers and documents together in a plastic bag or having them attached together by a paper clip can help you to quickly access these papers whenever you need them.

The AAA experts urge car owners to keep an ICE car in the glove box with details regarding the occupants’ information like emergency contacts, physicians or any type of allergies or medication details for the driver and the passengers, which could be useful in the event of an emergency.

Keeping the lighter version of your owner’s manual in the glove box can also come in handy. The manual with important details concerning engine care, maintenance schedules and wiper blade sizes should be easily accessible at all times. Car owners should also keep in mind that tire health is important and to carry a tire pressure gauge can be extremely useful. This small item can help you to check your tire’s air pressure and keep you informed if it’s time to have it calibrated.

Keeping a flashlight in the glove box and a first-aid kit could also be useful. Several models of flashlight can be kept inside of a glovebox. Modern flashlights take up little space and emit a lot of light, which is the case with the LED flashlights. First-aid kits can also be found in small packages.

According to experts, some kits come in small pouches and they are usually equipped with cotton balls, adhesive bandages, tissues, pain reliever and other items.

Keeping a phone charger and a wheel-lock key in the glove box could also be useful. If your wheel locks are on to avoid letting someone walk off with your car’s pricey wheels, keeping the wheel-lock key in the glove box can be useful when it’s time to change a flat tire. In case your phone runs out of power, having an auto phone charger in the glove box can be of great use. Smartphones can run out of power quickly, especially if the driver is using Bluetooth.
Paper maps can also come in handy! Keeping a paper map in your glove box could be of great help, when the smartphone or navigation device goes out, the paper map will always be available if you were to find yourself lost in an unfamiliar area.

Drive safely in the winter time and click here to read more about important items to stuff your glove box with.

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